Week 5 Networking Part 2

An update on my networking last week:

  • I attended two exhibitions in the South Hams Arts Trail. One at South Brent which I attended to see the work of Graham Gilbert Photographer as he focusses on the natural world including landscapes, describing his work as impressionistic and other-worldly. I liked some of the images for their beautiful colours and their clarity. However some I felt were not composed as I would perhaps have taken them. I will be finding out more about his work. He was exhibiting alongside his wife who paints and draws contemporary landscapes, Colin Ross whose work in wood (furniture and smaller pieces) was stunning, Suzi Davies who hand hooks organic materials to make baskets, book covers etc and Guilia Matthews who makes pretty ceramic and willow weave creations. In addition a natural stone jewellery maker was manning the show and making his wares while I was there. I was tempted to buy some of the ceramic pots and woven goods to start Xmas shopping but resisted the urges!.
    SHAF Arts Trail

    SHAF Arts Trail
  • The second I attended in Yealmpton to see the work of Diane Fifield (floral art and nature photographer). Her macro images of flowers are beautiful and she has on on the cover of a recent IGPOTY book. She was exhibiting with a ceramicist Teresa Barlow who focuses on fun creations relating to the circus and Jane Davarian who paints, draws and uses various methods of printing. I spoke to Teresa and Jane who were encouraging me to join South Hams Arts Forum. I subsequently obtained the joining information and am considering whether my work is worthy in comparison with the stunning creativity I have seen in these exhibitions and at Unseen.

    SHAF Arts Trail
  • I have not heard back from Monika Fischbein yet and need to check I used the right email for her.
  • I have sent a query to the AOP requesting information as to when our course will be added to their list of approved Falmouth courses for student membership.
  • I have entered the RPS monthly competition on landscapes and the IGPOTY competition in the category taken at Kew.

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