Week 5: Networking

Week 5: Networking

For this week’s task, you will network. We have already discussed the importance of networking as part of your marketing strategy, and we will now look at this in depth. Over the course of this week, you will find three networking opportunities and engage in them. These can be direct or indirect. Here are a few ideas:

  • Go to an exhibition opening and connect with other photographers or members of the gallery team (if appropriate).
  • Network on social media – follow some of the photographers you admire on Instagram or Twitter and engage with them.
  • Join a photography network such as The AOP and find out what is on offer and how you can network through them.
  • Join a photography collective (although this will be a bigger commitment than just a week’s task, so be aware of that).
  • Send out a newsletter.
  • Enter a photography award.

The possibilities are endless. Discuss what you did and what came from it below.


I am already trying to think about and plan how to respond to this week’s task as I want to get ahead with the oral presentation and start selecting for my portfolio.

  • I will be going to one or more exhibitions this week as the South Hams Arts Trail is on 14-29th October and I have spotted a couple of photographers whose work I would like to see more of. If I am lucky they may be at the venues when I am there.
  • I have already spotted a previous tutor Monika Fischbein, from my evening class at Plymouth College of Art and Design on Instagram and sent her an email to tell her that I am on the MA course at Falmouth University and also to ask about workshops she may be running. I had booked onto one last year on photobook making that was unfortunately cancelled due to insufficient numbers. I have also offered to be her assistant for a day should she wish to have one in order for me to gain more experience. This may come to nothing as I believe she now teaches elsewhere.
  • I await news on whether the MA course will be associated with the AOP so that students can join with no fee payable. I am already a member of the Royal Photographic Society and my local U3A Photography Project both of which I have used for networking. I have also taken part in an exhibition with the U3A group.
  • I am aware that some artists form collectives and there are several exhibiting in the South Hams Arts Trail. As to joining any of them at this stage I am not sure. I do not think I am worthy yet (of joining with more experienced artists and photographers), although I am aware that mutual support and learning from each other is a benefit.
  • I have not planned to have a newsletter but this may be a possibility for the future.
  • I did enter the RPS Nature group 2017 competition at the beginning of this year. My digital image of Amanita Mascara (Fly Agaric troop) was accepted and has been exhibited recently at Wingfield Barns Diss Suffolk 30th September to 15th October 2017 http://3pzafs.rps.org/special-interest-groups/nature/blogs/2017/october/nature-group-exhibition-at-wingfield-barns and the exhibition moves to Edinburgh Photographic Society HQ Great King Street in February 2018. I am preparing to enter the RPS monthly competition, Landscapes. I have not put my images forward for awards that may lead to credentials such as the RPS LRPS, ARPS and FRPS as I do not think I am ready at this stage in my photographic development.

I hope to report more on progress with these tasks/activities soon.

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