Welcome to Sarah Newton Photography. This blog describes my journey in the form of a Critical Research Journal and is being made as part of an accredited education programme – MA Photography with Falmouth University




I have just started what I hope will be an amazing adventure on the May 2017 intake of the MA Photography!

I am looking forward to learning more about myself as a photographer having come from interests in the natural world and a career in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. I aspire to greater technical competence and knowledge as well as having the opportunity to refine the types and styles of photography that I am most suited to through the journey this course will take me on. Who knows where this may lead me…..


How to find your way around

How to find your way around

Each of my posts will be under a module title for the MA Photography course at Falmouth University. These are listed on the title page as Positions and Practice, Informing Contexts, Surfaces and Strategies, Sustainable Prospects and Final Major Project. There are three categories within each of these referring to the activities I will be completing and commenting on each week. These are to be found in the drop down menu under the module titles and are:

Contextual research (what I have read, heard, watched and experienced in relation to the course activities)

Course work (my responses to the weekly tasks and activities)

Project development (my progress with assignments and projects)

Latest Posts

Latest Posts


  A collection illustrating waste management in action from collection to recycling and where this is not possible, incineration. With my grateful thanks to the welcoming and inspirational staff of Suez Recycling, Viridor Recycling and MVV Environment Devonport Ltd.. All photographs ©Sarah Newton.  

Eadweard Muybridge

Showcased in The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, I was inspired to read more about this man. In summary, Eadweard Muybridge is known for changing names several times, suffering a significant head injury in 1860, murdering his wife’s alleged lover in 1874 (and being found ‘not guilty’ due to justifiable homicide), moving from England to San …