No Camera Workshop: Part 1

Due to run on 5th August there were no attendees for a no camera workshop planned to include experience of pinhole camera work, making cyanotypes and scanning to make images. I advertised in the Parish magazine which was delayed at the printers so was only distributed a couple of days prior to the workshop which was also due to take place a day after the local garden and produce show (which many people were very involved with) and many others are on holiday.

Photography events for the Parish Newsletter

However, I have had enquiries for the second one I advertised and hope that can go ahead in the next couple of weeks. Landscapes to Nurdles, ways of photographing while on a walk on the beach, relates directly to my project. I have obtained approval from the owners to take a small group out for this purpose.

Although a little disappointed at first I have used the time allocated to do my workshop myself! This has been invaluable in making sure with the leader hat on everything is organised and with the participant hat on I enjoy the experience. I did not talk out loud to myself but did think through conversations as both workshop leader and participant trying to anticipate what might arise.

Preparations included the advert, a what to expect sheet to give people beforehand and an illustrated technique booklet for people to use during the workshop and to take home. In addition I ordered chemicals and paper for the cyanotypes and a small wooden pinhole camera. I also made a pinhole camera from a wine box and one from a matchbox. The kitchen table was the work bench and the bathroom was darkened with a torch and red gel to make a dark room. Plastic trays were set out with the developer and fixer and water wash ready for the pinhole and cyanotype results.

What to bring and to expect for the workshop on xx August 2018

No Camera Workshop Sarah Newton

I have benefited from this exercise in having ideas about smooth running of the workshop as well as having produced images for my own use as well as demonstration purposes when the workshop runs. I will consider running it during the recess after this module although if any interest is shown in the next few days I may run it before then.

Part 2 gives an account of my experiences.

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