Landings 2018 Design Team: Part 3

Communications between us and with Gary have continued this week with a focus on starting to pass on information to the webmaster at Falmouth. Inevitably there were some requests to be filtered back to participants for resubmissions where specifications for the site were not met at a level of quality that was acceptable and would be acceptable, once operational, to participants themselves. With a provisional going live date for the advance publicity a few days away it is imperative that everyone who expressed an interest at the initial stages find an opportunity to send in their information. It would be a shame to miss out, especially if some have no physical exhibition plans. However, having sent out three sets of polite reminders I find I do not wish to be annoying and put pressure on people. Perhaps I would not be terribly good in this role were there high stakes for missing deadlines for publications.

23rd July 19:30pm designers conference
By prior agreement just Andrew and I met to finalise the wording and formatting for the publication that will accompany the Landings 2018 exhibition page. Ant is busy with InDesign, adding ‘best of’ images and colour coordinating them according to their themes. I had sent both a draft which Andrew had added to and I sent out draft 2 before our meeting. With a little tweaked wording and formatting it was ready and shared with Ant and Gary. We also set out a list of tasks still to be achieved relating to the posters, film and exhibition page with responsibilities between the three of us suggested. I also need to seek permission from an artist whose illustration we would like to use in the introduction.

Following various consultations during the week Andrew and I reached what we think is the final draft of the introduction meeting on Slack on 28th July. The film is also at a final stage unless there are late additions. We have asked if the posters, film and publication can be hosted by Falmouth University and therefore be accessible for others beyond the course.

Apart from collecting and uploading late information, proof reading and corrections, the final major task still to be achieved is completion of the publication.

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