Guest Lecture 24-07-2018: Laura Nissinen

Timing could not have been more perfect. Having diversified and seemingly reached another level or dimension (as my black images suggest to people) I have been thinking about images for the impending Work in Progress Portfolio. Encouraged by my tutor and colleagues I am veering towards a WIP comprising many images originating from scans. I took my concern as to whether this would be acceptable to my module leader in case this was a path I should not tread being without a camera in sight. This is after all a photography course which implies camera use.

Justification through explanation seems to be the key. Photography is the art of capturing light, a camera is a mechanical means to do this. The effects of light can also be caught using other means including using light sensitive paper as with cyanotypes and pinhole devices and importantly, in relation to my query, a scanner. Once imported into the digital darkroom processing can take place regardless of how the image was captured.

Laura Nissinen is completing a PhD thesis ‘Abstraction in Finnish Art Photography’ and staged an exhibition ‘Aleatory Variable at Galleria Huuto from 27 March -13 April 2014 and curated ‘1917-2017 Abstract! 100 years of Abstract Photography’ at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki 1st November 2017 to 14th January 2018. This latter exhibition influenced Shape of Light 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art at the Tate Modern, London, which I visited on 18th May 2018. She is inspired by the works of Jean-Luc Nancy, Laila Pullinen and Lucio Fontana.

Scanning is a feature of Laura’s methodology and has been used to produce results from water damaged negative, burned black and white film and film developed in artist’s urine (paying homage to Andy Warhol and friends urinating on paintings using copper paint). In addition to speaking about her work, Laura spoke about stages in the development of Abstract work referencing key artists, their styles and methods of production.

Informative, insightful, inspirational and affirming of the direction I have been moving in, my question has been answered. Thank you Laura Nissinen.


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Laura Nissinen Aleatory Variable, 2014

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