Week 1: One image a day holds the photographer at bay!

Week 1 Challenge : Time to Play
Anna-Maria Pfab

Throughout this module we will be asking you to carry out activities from The Photographer’s Playbook. All of these activities are carefully selected and aim to make you think about your practice and where it might be positioned in a professional context.

This week’s activity is from Michael Christopher Brown, an American photographer represented by Magnum Photos. He has gained an international reputation, especially for his documentation of the 2011 Libyan Civil War, which was published in a monograph titled Libyan Sugar, by Twin Palms Publishers in 2016.

“For much of my career, photography was more of a way to make money than a compulsion. I spent a lot of time communicating ideas that were not my own. Two years ago, during the Libyan Revolution, I began taking a more honest path with regards to photography. It had to do with finding a voice. An interesting exercise that anyone can do is to take one photograph per day for a week. The idea is to be focused enough to only photograph what is absolutely necessary. What are the seven pictures that not only define the week, but yourself? What if you were to die next week and these were to be the last seven pictures of your life? This exercise can be an important analysis of the self in relation to life and photography.”


Post your seven pictures in the forum space below and discuss what you have discovered.

I have presented my seven one a day progress in Keynote not having used this format before. Please click on the link below to see my response to this challenge.

One image a day holds the photographer at bay!

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