FMP Weeks 25-27: Flyers, posters and social media

I am delighted with the flyers and posters. I designed both front and back pages and have been pleasantly surprised at the positive comments the presentation has received when uploaded to social media and my email contacts. The hard copies arrived after 48 hours and Instantprint have done an excellent job in getting the colours right and delivering according to plan. They also put in a few above the numbers ordered, an unexpected bonus. While the posters were on a standard (cheapest) paper they were strong enough to be pinned and stuck to various shop wall surfaces and outdoor noticeboards. The A5 flyers made from matt recycled paper are robust and feel great to hold. They have been welcomed by shops and post offices with smaller event notice boards as well as being handed out to people who might be interested in attending.

Sarah Newton 2019, Newton Ferrers Community Noticeboard
Sarah Newton 2019, Co-op Food Ivybridge Community Noticeboard

My choice of images was not difficult. Advance publicity had been distributed in my local village monthly newsletter and on social media (Facebook and Instagram) as well as by personal email in February,  just over a month before the exhibition. The images used included an individual piece of plastic and a collage of recycling facilities. I could have chosen to use the same ones to achieve consistency in the message /invitation to attend. However, I wanted a link to the previous publicity and also wanted a dyptic or tryptic which sat well together and suggested the two angles to the project; the beach debris and recycling. It  also felt important to include images that were planned to appear in the exhibition. Thus one blue plastic image was carried over into this design along with a complimentary pink plastic image. Seated between the two I chose to use the bottle bank image with the word warning appearing in the opening. I felt this served the purpose of raising a question for the reader who may then wish to visit the exhibition to find out more about the connection between the clearly different subject matter and presentations.

The poster and front side of the flyer have a black background. Having tried a number of colours black was best in both blending with the two images of plastics, both on black backgrounds and the rusty surface of the bottle bank. White lettering looked best against the black for readability and impact. I chose to break this text up by having my name match the rusty colour of the bottle bank image.

Choosing landscape rather than portrait was determined by the tryptic width. What I discovered on asking if businesses could display the posters was that most others are usually portrait, thus fitting a landscape A4 into a neat array of portraits was an issue, particularly on one occasion where a flyer was used instead.

I chose to print my bio and details of the project on the back of the flyer so that they could be used during the exhibition as well as for publicity. A white background provided a separation from the publicity side and opened up options for print colour. While black was probably the optimum choice for readability, I preferred green, thus creating a green credentials link with the project subject matter; debris and recycling. I included a small portrait of myself to introduce a sense of familiarity to the reader, a way of relating to both me and the project, with the potential for engendering a ‘personal’ approach which could encourage visitors to the exhibitions (all three are listed).

What might I have done differently now that the posters are up and the flyers distributed and also available for people to have when visiting the exhibition?

  • Distribute earlier eg 6-8 weeks before event rather than 2
  • Distribute over a wider area eg villages in a 20 mile radius rather than a 12 mile radius 
  • Write an accompanying press release to send to printed media (newspapers and magazines)
  • Have 2 images (one from each of the two sub projects) or strips from images on the posters and flyers thus enabling portrait posters and more space for larger lettering to improve readability (similar to the test strips referred to in the previous post
  • Include specific directions to the location.
  • Distribute to all schools in the area personally with posters and not just by email.
Sarah Newton 2019, screenshot of The Clay Factory Publicity
Sarah Newton 2019, screenshot of The Clay Factory Publicity
Sarah Newton 2019, screenshot of Eventbrite Publicity
Sarah Newton 2019, screenshot of Facebook publicity

In promoting a project with sustainability in mind it was also important not to overdo the use of resources that may contribute adversely to environmental issues eg paper, inks, electricity, chemicals etc.. Thus the decision to order only 25 posters and 200 flyers was consciously made as a back up to the social media coverage rather than the primary way of marketing.


Sarah Newton 2019, screenshot of Instagram publicity
Sarah Newton 2019, screenshot of Instagram publicity
Sarah Newton 2019, screenshot of Instagram publicity
Sarah Newton 2019, screenshot of Instagram publicity
Sarah Newton 2019, screenshot of Instagram publicity

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