FMP Week 17: Aspirational ideas versus realities

Thoughts of the two potential exhibitions have generated countless ideas about what could be displayed and how the images could be presented. The images I select could be the same for both locations and displayed in the same way. However, as mentioned in a previous post there are differences in size and type of display areas, types of fixings that would be permissible and importantly a significant difference in the audiences for both. For one the audience would be those attending a community creek clean and those interested in looking around a waste management (incinerator) site. The second would be members of the general public, resident artists and other creatives using the premises and personal invitees. In the former the audience would be there for another purpose whereas in the second location although some may be engaged in other activities while based or attending another event there, some would attend to intentionally to view the exhibition. Across both locations I think I will have reached some of the principal audiences I have envisaged my images being of interest to: those interested in conserving our environments and those who are interested in visual art (these groups may of course include people interested in both areas).

I have enquired by telephone today about wall fixings used in the visitors centre of the incinerator. They use self adhesive velcro pads for information posters. While this method could be used, depending on the surfaces I print on and the weight of the images, I have placed a limited order for an alternative system. I will be experimenting at home in the use of self adhesive magnets and how damaging these may be to plastered wall surfaces. I do not recall a helpful dado rail or other wall fixings that would be helpful to hanging the images in this location. Clearly they should be ideal for putting up images in the container of the second location.

Tomorrow I will visit the incinerator to discuss arrangements in detail, measure the space available and agree on the publicity I and MVV will produce. Mine will include an information sheet and a feedback sheet about the exhibition. At this point I am not sure whether the creek clean publicity to local community groups is to mention the exhibition being available for volunteers to view over lunch. I somehow do not think I will be advertising directly to the general public myself as the site is not open access.

Realising there are only 3.5 weeks to finalise details before putting up the exhibition in week 21 ready for a launch in week 22 (week beginning 18th February) time is of the essence. I do not have the facilities to print my images for the exhibitions and will be dependent on a printer to be able to respond in a relatively short space of time. Something I have not thought about but must remember to ask about is fire safety. In both locations I may be using printed fabrics. I am not cognisant with the regulations relating to these in comparison with images printed on other surfaces.

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