Three mornings, three beaches, three bags full! A peek behind the scenes of a rubbish photographer.

I did a mini project but am only just finding time to write it up. Although I trawled a few beach sites over the course of the module, this was a little experiment in the middle.

Three consecutive very early mornings on three different beaches yielded three bags full of different rubbish! Here is a selection from each day with some having been later transformed for my exhibition and others for my work in progress portfolio.

First morning 8th July Coastguards Beach- a bit of everything

Second Morning 9th July Mothecombe Beach-many childrens’ toys and alcoholic drink cans and bottles and including, sadly, a child’s special swimming badge towel which I am sure will be sorely missed.

Third Morning 10th July Stoke Beach -strange cloth and polystyrene and BBQ with usual plastics

As yet unseen footage includes me watering the beach with sea water, rather large underpants and playful light spots on the pathway to the beach.

Finally, based on finds on Day 2, I have developed an idea for a children’s story and will be assembling the book any day now.



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