Surfaces and Strategies Week 8: Workshops

Slightly out of order in these posts, these notes were submitted on the course platform during week 8. I am reviewing them now that I have run two workshops. I am feeling more confident with my ability too talk about and engage others in image making.

Weaknesses– I prefer to title it: things I have yet to learn/develop or where I do not have natural abilities (and need to collaborate with others)

  1. Technical knowledge and competence re sizing and printing and products such as InDesign
  2. Concerns about deviating too far from my project intentions with experimentation
  3. Taking time to see what others value in my images which impedes continuing in specific activities-ie being too close to the subject matter and context
  4. Reluctance to take images of people (fear of not doing it well enough?)
  5. Lacking confidence in the quality and value of my images


  1. Ability and confidence to communicate to a variety of audiences
  2. Having ideas about others work and hopefully being helpful!
  3. Willingness to experiment
  4. Improving compositional abilities
  5. Remembering spare memory cards and camera battery when going out to take photographs.’

26-07-2018 Comment in response to my self evaluation from my colleague

“In my experience of your comments I think you are great at being encouraging and coming up with really helpful ideas to improve, develop and enhance others photography.  To my mind you would make a great judge of photography.  So, maybe given your communication skills and ideas that a workshop around critiquing participants’ work and finding ways to develop their image making would be a good fit for you.”

How interesting and useful to find that I have played to my strengths in the Landscapes to Nurdles Workshop and some of the skills my colleague identified have come to the fore with this activity. Food for though for future workshops and other types of educational activities, although perhaps commentator and reviewer rather than ‘judge’ at my stage of development!

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