Landings 2018 Design Team: Part 4

A quieter week with chance to catch up a little on my own course work and assignment preparation. Answering queries from participants and regular communications with Ant and Andrew continued through the week.

2nd August designers meeting from 19:40 to 22:00pm or so!

All three of us met this time and worked principally on the publication and finalising the video but also going through the draft front entrance page to the exhibition. This page appeared as if our design features had not been taken into account (i.e. fonts, colours, placement of items etc). I noted the points to raise with Gary (done on 3rd August) who is the link or ‘go-between’ with the webmaster. Ant had a list of things relating to the publication layout and Andrew was to proof read everything so far and contact a tutor we had hoped would be able to contribute a commentary page to the side:line. Challenges included having to ask for better resolution images as we heard that some were not high enough as thumbnails and others not good enough for the publication. We do want to show work of the best quality knowing the images will be seen far and wide. It is not only Falmouth University and our reputations as designers at stake but most importantly, the reputations of the contributors.

We have some hope that the video and publication can be hosted by Falmouth but we need more details and confirmation about this. Further discussion about what to call the publication (zine, catalogue, book etc) culminated in a tired me flippantly suggesting ‘side:dish’ as it is an accompaniment to the main course, Landings 20128 site. Much to my surprise Ant and Andrew liked it and it seems to have stuck although my addition of a colon rather than a hyphen to match the colon in the Landings products titles does not seem to be sticking. Meetings flow easily with each of us able to air our opinions and reach consensus without issue. They also seem to be getting longer!

HighIights of the week included approval from Rachel Akerman to use one or both of two of her packet ship illustrations in the publication. I feel this is a brilliant coup as she attended Falmouth for her degree, thus there is a double connection with Landings. After further research I found two stamps with images of packet ships, one mentioning Falmouth. Andrew and I checked the correct referencing for the stamps and selected the Falmouth one as the best to meet our needs.

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