Week 6 Introduction: Thinking about Spaces

This week we were asked to consider potential locations for our exhibitions including some more alternative venues and to post one such example. I posted two that I have come across in past modules.

Nick Brandt photographed animals and placed them in locations they used to be found in where man and industrialisation has taken over (‘Inherit the Dust’). Thus in effect a first ‘showing’ was in these locations with subsequent ‘exhibitions’ travelling to locations worldwide and ‘shown’ in galleries such as the Houk Gallery in NewYork March 10-April 30 2016.

Nick Brandt Inherit the Dust, 2014

http://monovisions.com/nick-brandt-inherit-the-dust/  (Links to an external site.)

Various photographers exhibited on billboards at the side of Scheveningen beach, The Netherlands, a place I visited after our Unseen trip to Amsterdam last September. They were all focussing on debris in the oceans and marine conservation.

Sarah Newton Billboard showing debris that can harm both creatures and the environment, Scheveningen The Netherlands, September 2017


Both of these examples are impactful and convey strong messages about what we are doing to our planet and wildlife.

Brandt, Nick. Inherit the Dust. Available at: http://www.nickbrandt.com. [accessed 17-03-2018].

Brandt, Nick. 2016. Dust to dust: Animals lost in an African apocalypse – in pictures. The Guardian (5th April 2016). Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2016/apr/05/nick-brandt-inherit-the-dust-africa. [accessed 17-03-2018].

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