Surfaces and Strategies Week 5

This weeks activities prepared the way for what are, to my mind, major tasks to exhibit, publish and run a workshop before the end of the module while completing CRJ, Portfolio and a 10 minute film about my development as a photographer and the progress made with my project ‘Beauty and the Beach…’. There was also an option to step forward as one of three exhibition designers for an online gallery of work from all participants on the module. The initial overwhelming panicky feeling has subsided but not disappeared as it seems that there are several peaks to climb in parallel, not just one each week.

So I have volunteered to be one of the designers but with the caveat that I would withdraw if others with more experience and a greater likelihood of getting the work done in the most efficient, expedient and efficacious way stepped forward.

I have also prepared my response to the suggested information that will help the three chosen designers put the themes and actions needed in place:
Five Key Words
Beach, debris, human, marine, ecology

One sentence describing aims of the work I might display
Images of debris on or collected from beaches and presented in forms that invite assessment, reflection and personal response.

One sentence describing where and what your display could look like
To be confirmed but could be in one or all of these: 1. in a coastal gallery, shop, pub and on local beaches during beach cleans (perhaps using a washing line and pegs structure and with permission) and 2. Images can be made available on recycled materials, as mounted and framed for wall use, in zine or book format and on products such as jute bags, coasters, mugs etc.

Two images that best illustrate my practice

Sarah Newton 2018 Found beach debris


Sarah Newton 2018 Degrading Tennis Balls











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