Week 7 Challenge: Innovative Distribution

Before this course I have made T shirts, calendars, photobooks and canvases, cards, hessian bags and jigsaws. Thinking about my research project images from Beauty and the Beach I have been experimenting with new ideas, some of which may become Xmas presents with a twist! A selection of beautiful images intermingled with more alarming ones but all taken with the intention of raising awareness.

I have decided that some will not be commercially viable in terms of number sold if the wrong images are used. This would include for example mugs and other food items with dirty/disgusting images on them. Perhaps I should get a range made as a test set and see what a few people think.

Because the project is about reducing and recycling rubbish I would prefer to set the images on recyclable materials. An obvious choice are Jute bags of different sizes. More difficult to find are the fabrics used for cushions covers and internal padding. Less obvious, but perhaps obvious when thought about, is beach footwear and swimwear (e.g. @DavyJ and @oceanzen_bikini ). I am not sure if Surfers against Sewage would purchase new boards with my images on them. It might be worth a try especially if they could customise them by choosing the image and sizing and positioning and if there were only a few of each image that could be used in this way (thereby adding exclusivity as photographers and artists do I in saying 1/25 for example). Although I have not yet managed to source them all yet I have made mock ups using options currently available.
Then there is the packaging to consider of course!…..


Seascapes by ©Sarah Newton 2017
4 Rubbish images ©Sarah Newton 2017
Rainbow weed and plastic ©Sarah Newton 2017
Blue in the Bottle Bank ©Sarah Newton 2017
All in knots ©Sarah Newton 2017
Jelly fish on Jellies ©Sarah Newton 2017

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