The Global Image

Week 1

In response to the task “Choose a global image, write about it and comment on at least two posted by others”….

5 Jun 2017 5 Jun at 17:53

I chose my image of a floating fishing village in Bintan Indonesia as there is a global story running through from the past to the future. I visited the Suku Laut villagers courtesy of the Island Foundation (TIF) in 2015 ( to an external site. ). Low fishing stocks and quotas and the encroaching tourist industry on the island have meant that the traditional life of the tribes living in the communities has been disrupted. The Island Foundation aims to inform, educate and support self development for their communities to have a sustainable future. The visit raised my awareness of the local impact global initiatives can have as well as stirring concerns about how much developed societies should aim to make others “like us”. “Converting” others goes back many hundres of years and is continuing in various forms today on religious, political and commercial grounds. Nevertheless my brief visit reassured me that the aims of TIF were in this instance to be applauded and supported.

I later presented this and two other images in the weekly webinar.

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